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pcCraft Computer Technologies, Inc. is an I.T. Solutions Corporation established in 1998. The company was formed based on the ever-growing need for state-of-the-art Information Technology solutions and services in the Philippines. For many years, PCCRAFT has specialized in providing the very best software and hardware systems for corporate entities. Now it has completely shifted its thrust to primarily and exclusively focus on LOCAL GOVERNMENT UNITS, utilizing its own innovative proprietary solution which has already transformed a number of Philippine towns and cities into WORLD-CLASS societies within a very short period of time.

Our slogan - ONE SOLUTION, ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES - accurately depicts the power, capability, cost-effectiveness, and unlimited potential of the pcCraft solution in quickly turning even the least technology-capable LGU into one of the most technologically-advanced LGU in the country.


For over 21 years, pcCraft Computer Technologies Inc. has consistenly carried a rock-solid reputation in terms of quality of service, integrity, business acumen, and strong technological foresight which has made it THE LEADER in the field of LGU development and advancement.

Here are some attributes which pcCraft is very well-known for:

  • Follows the highest standards.
  • Values word of honor.
  • Serves with compassion.
  • Promotes long-term partnerships.
  • Chooses service over profits.
  • Never stops innovating.


To enhance and empower Local Government Units with the finest technology solution available thereby tremendously boosting the effectivity and efficiency of their governance.


To be a prime catalyst in the upliftment of the Philippines through the ONE SOLUTION, ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES program being installed in each and every Local Government Unit within the country.


To constantly be at the forefront of every global technological breakthrough in order to seamlessly adapt to these new technologies even before other companies find out about them.

You may also directly download the video as a ZIP file. File size: 174MB.


At its most basic, the ONE SOLUTION, ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES program of pcCraft tremendously enhances and boosts all the 4 QUADRANTS OF GOOD GOVERNANCE which any Philippine LGU must strive to improve and perfect. Below is a diagram of the said quadrants. Click a quadrant and then read its corresponding caption in the middle circle to get an overview on how the pcCraft solution improves on that quadrant:

pcCraft installs an ultra-powerful, MESH wireless local network covering the entire LGU. With this, officials can contact/inform agencies and/or constituents in REAL-TIME, ALL THE TIME.
pcCraft's MESH wireless technology is able to transfer VIDEO at blazing speeds all over the LGU, even from its farthest points. Thus, hundreds of high resolution cameras can be installed everywhere for better real-time monitoring.
Efficient monitoring means that incidents are easily detected, and the same powerful system that detected it will report it to officials and concerned agencies ALSO IN REAL TIME. Thus, response time is greatly improved.
pcCraft also sets up a CENTRAL COMMAND CENTER in the LGU, which is designed to manage and oversee all operations and responses to incidents, thereby improving coordination among officials, agencies, and constituents.

You may also download the PDF version of the above video presentation. Size 8MB.

Sample Possibilities

This PDF document entitled ONE SOLUTION, SAMPLE POSSIBILITIES provides a few samples from among the unlimited number of possibilities that an LGU can implement using the one pcCraft solution. Size 3.3MB.

One Page Overview

This PDF document entitled ONE PAGE OVERVIEW provides a clear but concise explanation to the One Solution program of pcCraft. It also gives a side-by-side comparison between pcCraft, Fiber Optics, and other wireless technologies. Size 1.5MB.



PROVINCE:    La Union

Municipalities (LA UNION):    Bauang, La Union  •  Agoo, La Union


Municipalities (TARLAC):    Concepcion, Tarlac  •  Capas, Tarlac

Barangay (BAUANG):    Payocpoc Sur, Bauang



City (NUEVA ECIJA):    Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija


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